Consorzio Italiano Tutela Mortadella Bologna


Consorzio Italiano Tutela Mortadella Bologna was born officially in 2001 with the union of the major Mortadella Bologna producers. The mission is to Protect, Promote and Give Value to this superb product.

Consorzio guarantees:


Warranty of excellence and
raw materia’s sources, according
to high standards and 
accurate controlsi.


A unique and imitation-proof product,
produced following a traditional and
genuine recipe modernized
to meet today’s needs.


Made in Italy.
Mortadella Bologna PGI is made exclusively in Italy, in specified areas only.


Its characteristic colour, its unmistakable scent and its delicate flavour distinguish Mortadella Bologna from all other cold cuts.

Where can Mortadella Bologna PGI
be produced?

The area comprehends Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, county of Trento, 
Tuscany, Marche and Latium.

What is Consorzio’s role towards associate companies?

The main mission is to keep protecting, promoting, giving value to the product and information to consumers, together with overall attention towards all aspects that are of interest for Mortadella Bologna PGI, always following market’s regulations. Consorzio is committed in all its activities in taking all measures necessary to prevent and avoid events that could damage, directly or indirectly, product, Consorzio and associated companies. It does so mainly through putting into practice the rules stated in the Disciplinary of Production, although leaving to manufacturers the freedom to keep their own personal recipe, or to innovate and improve themselves. The aim is to bring consumers a product with no equal for quality and taste.


Why choosing PGI​

Mortadella Bologna is an PGI product, meaning Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Protected Geographical Indication). PGI is a certification which recognizes the value of a particular gastronomic specialty, made in a specific area and immediately distinguishable for its organoleptic characteristics.

To obtain this certification, at least one phase between production, transformation and developing must take place in a particular and defined area; moreover, all phases follow what stated in the Disciplinary of Production.

This certificate was released to Mortadella Bologna from the UE in 1998.


At the present moment, there are more than 26 companies associated
with Consorzio Italiano Tutela Mortadella Bologna PGI.

All of them are asked to follow EU approved Disciplinary of Production,
in order to preserve Mortadella Bologna’s ingredients and processes.

Disciplinary specifies not only the traditional recipe,
but also all characteristics that final product should have:
organoleptic, chemical and physical.

An indipendent auditor guarantees that the Disciplinary is respected;
this auditor is approved by Italian Ministry of agricolture and food
policies. It carries out inspections and audits of both
production process and final product on all associated companies.

Ethical Code

Since 2020, Consorzio adopted a Ethical Code:
the sum of all principles and values followed by managers, associated companies, employees and external collaborators.
It is of pivotal importance for Consorzio’s well functioning, reliability and reputation.

The Ethical Code was written to state the principles which inspire all our actions,
and to communicate clearly and honestly our values.

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Why it is necessary to monitor the PGI label

Buying PGI products means being sure of buying high quality, certified products, answering certain standards and produced following a precise Disciplinary.

Product surveillance at the marketing stage is carried out continuousy by Consorzio through specialized supervisors with public security functions, always coordinated with Ministry’s surveillance.

In particular, very strong is the collaboration with the Central Inspectorate for Quality Protection and Fraud Prevention.

How to recognize Mortadella Bologna PGI

Our protected production is easily recognizable by the blue and yellow PGI symbol on the label. This symbol distinguishes European quality certifications, and acknowledges the protected name “Mortadella Bologna” and the consortium trademark.
On the market there are non-guaranteed mortadella products using names and symbols which improperly refer to Mortadella Bologna PGI. Knowing what you’re buying is fundamental for a safe and healthy diet, and to promote and protect Made in Italy products.

Our project for a wider surveillance over Mortadella Bologna PGI

Since 18 years Consorzio Italiano Tutela Mortadella Bologna PGI is committed to protect and give value to this excellent product, at the same time fighting imitations and frauds.

The latest project sees the involvement of all consumers, to encourage them to take an active role towards safeguarding and promoting Mortadella Bologna PGI and Made in Italy.

Through this new online service, consumers can obtain more information on the real nature of a product find on sale, and even directly report any anomaly. Consorzio will answer to every query and, if needed, take action.