Welcome to the world of Mortadella Bologna PGI

Officially born in 2001, Consorzio brings together Mortadella Bologna’s producers and works daily towards three main goals: protecting, promoting and giving value to the Pink Queen.


Selected meat cuts and strict processes guarantee a product with unique characteristics.


A recipe passed down from generation to generation, preserving centuries of expertise.


Consorzio’s goal is the protection of Mortadella Bologna PGI from all sorts of imitation.

Mortadella Bologna PGI

One of Italy’s most loved cold cuts, and without doubts the most famous in the entire Bologna gastronomic tradition.
Mortadella Bologna PGI, product of exquisite quality, delicate, tasty and incomparably fragrant, brings joy to our tables since 1661.

Mortadella Bologna is a type of cured meat made exclusively in Italy from the finest pork meat, with passion, know-how and superb expertise. All this to give you an unique and healthy product, as tradition recommends.

Let’s meet in Bologna

Did you know that there is a unique place in the world, where you can be a spectator of Mortadella Bologna’s true production process, without filters, and taste it directly where it’s made?

It’s called FABBRICA, inside thematic park Fico Eataly World.