The Consorzio

The Consorzio

Since 2001, Consorzio Mortadella Bologna has brought together the major producers of this fantastic product, guaranteeing that Mortadella Bologna IGP:

  • is safe and guaranteed due to controls;
  • is high quality, made from a traditional, simple and authentic recipe;
  • is produced in Italy;
  • has the characteristic, recognizable and appealing smell;

In 2004, the Consorzio was given the role of exercising “public” powers to promote and protect the product and provide information to the consumer (recognition according to Italian Law 526/99).

Consorzio Mortadella Bologna safeguards and guarantees that there is a high baseline quality standard, offering every producer the opportunity to improve in line with their experience and professional skills.

This is a constant activity which has the main objective of guaranteeing consumers a product with unique characteristics in terms of quality and taste.