For 18 years, the Mortadella Bologna PGI Consortium has been committed to promoting, protecting and enhancing Mortadella Bologna PGI, in collaboration with the Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

One important activity that protects both producers and, above all, consumers, is monitoring the products on the market with the aim of verifying that they comply with the strict regulations, in order to prevent products that illegitimately evoke, imitate or recall the name Mortadella Bologna PGI.

A new project called “We need to check” is being launched by the Consortium to strengthen the commitment to protecting the name. This new service will enable you to report any anomalies found when buying the product directly to the Consortium. Remember, Mortadella Bologna PGI is always marked by the yellow and blue PGI (protected geographical indication) logo and that all versions must bear the full name “Mortadella Bologna PGI”.

Mortadella that does not have PGI status may not therefore recall or even evoke the name “Bologna” or the related PGI indication (e.g. “Bologna-style Mortadella”, “bolognetta”, “Mortadella bolognese”, “Mortadella PGI”…). In the event of doubts, or if you are certain that the product being sold as PGI does not have protected geographical indication status, it is your right to report this directly to the Mortadella Bologna PGI Consortium. We will always be willing to respond, clarify any doubts, and, where necessary, intervene with the appropriate checks to ensure that you and all consumers have correct and complete information on the products you buy.

Anyone who buys products with a status recognised under European law (DOP and PGI) is choosing to consume foods with a strong link to a particular region and traditions that meet strict requirements and checks along the entire production chain and that are made in compliance with production specifications.


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All reports will be handled as soon as possible. In the name of well-informed purchasing, the Consortium continues its well-established path towards defending high quality and good food.